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To the good ol' fashion facespace of sorts, minus the photo albums and comments. Though those came eventually as well. For instance 'guestbooks' and photo albums where all but uncommon on the web before the teen craze sites popped up. Those sites just took all the work out of it. Even the mobile version of the largest one slow down some of my... mildly older machines. But I'll get to that eventually.

The good ol' days

I didn't get the chance to live the good ol' days of computers, though I'm sure that will be made up to me in the fact that I'll get to see more of the future then those who had. But I am able to look back and appreciate it. I'm the kind of guy who when offered a computer, I ask "how old is it" and if the answer is "not to old" my reply is "then I'm not interested". That's not to say I don't have any modern computers, hell im typing this on a netbook, but I have enough 'modern' computers. Space is limited and I have to weed out the pack for computers I'd actually have fun with.

How it all got started

I'm 18 years old as of 2009 and not nessicarily from the era of minicomputers and such (and no, I'm not talking about my little netbook here). So how does someone my age get in to this hobby. With most people who are into this hobby (this hobby I keep refering to is what I like to refer to as 'Classical Computing') start off as kids who have used a classical machine as a kid. Well, I've never seen a pdp11, let alone used one, and yet I consider it the greatest machine of all time. It is, but hardly anyone whos never used (seen) one would know it. So how am I so in to 'Classical Computing'? Well, I'd have to say it started on many frontiers of my computing interests as a kid all reaching back further and further into the past. My father owned (owns) a web based software company, and I, as a child was raised around computers. I was highly encouraged, growing up, to learn to program. So I had. Starting with HTML because I wanted to make webpages like daddy. And then PHP, because I wanted my webpages to do things like daddy's did. (Daddy uses ColdFusion as the main language in his company(s) and had tried to get me to learn it since i was 10, and I've put it off to this day. A 4 inch thick book will intemidate any 11 year old lugging it around school and having to explain to all the other 11 year olds... and all his teachers what it is, so I dropped it.) I went from PHP to mIrc in a change of interest, which isn't a true language, but has a nice scripting engine that really helped me understand if..else statements well as a 13 year old (and nesseling statements... ah, good ol' messy nessy). But I wanted more, so I learned C++, and eventually learned C as well. C showed me a world I could love so much in computers. If I had picked up K&R as an 11 year old I might not have been so intemidated as a kid. I actually learned C because of a certain ket interest of mine...

Operating Systems

I feel bad about jumping in to another section without truely finishing the last, but OSes have such a big part of my interest that I feel it deserves its own section. I am a child of the FOSS age. How many of you old farts can say that? I say that knowing all to well its ye ol' farts who started the FOSS movement and I'm completely joking. Whenever I was out and about reading my webpages on programming I'd more then occasionally run across this thing called linux. I didn't know what an operating system was. Thats one downside to having grown up in this day and age. Ye ol' farts grew up in a time when there were a ton of operating systems about. particullarly BASIC CP/M and MSDOS being the most famous durring the dawn of microcomputers [and the 'Home Computer']. But I grew up only seeing MicroSoft's Monopoly in play. I as a kid actually started on a Mac, but I know their OS only ran on Mac's, and I had thought PCs only ran MS as well. Around the time I had started PHP I had heard allot about Linux, and learned that MS wasn't the only thing out there, but it wasn't until I got into IRC and wanted to run my own IRC server that I had actually tried it. I remember thinking that linux was still a program you installed, and then booted into. Before Wibu came out, anyone else who heard you say that just laughed, and rightly so. Eventually I figured everything out using the interents for help. Its unfortunate that I had wanted to run an IRC server. I started off using linux by shoveling through more config files then I have to date. IRC has the biggest config files you will come across, and to have to shift through so many lines as a first experiance would be a turn off for most people. But I liked something about the control it gave me. I knew what was going to happen now whenever anyone did practically anything on my server. I then got very interested in Linux, and learned everything I could about it at the time with my resources. I still used windows as my main OS at the time, because I worked for my dad around this time. (Oh yeah, I started homeschooling in 9th grade, and did much of that 'schooling' while working for my dads company, all the employees were very nice to the bosses son, and it didn't hurt to have 40 or so programmers around me, and a very kind IT guy that was probably the only one around who really knew about this stuff). Now I know this site ain't spiffy, but thats because I decided if I was going to make a site about the olden days, might as well make a site that looks like its from ye olden times. I know CSS, and own a copy of photoshop and dreamweaver, and I have weaved dreams and such. But its another example of how I like my stuff. Simple, loads fast, and works. You could view this page no problem on any computer, and though all my friends may thing it could use a bit of color, I like it. Mind you I have many other websites out there in the modern style of Dynamic, Beautiful, and Slow (well... all those compared to this site). I got off track... so anyways I got into linux. My father never supported my interest in the old, he always had the idea that the past is the past and the future is the future. For making money, that works some times, but for a hobby.... He opposition drove me to want to do it more, as evil as that sounds. He actually grew up using BASIC and other OSes, and maybe if I grew up using MSDOS I wouldn't see the appeal of using older operating systems either. But to me, to be in a command line for the first time [by that i mean no GUI whatsoever, of course I used the cmd.exe utility as a childhood nerd. And a .bat script I made as a kid is probably the first script I can remember writting ourside of BASIC scripts out of books. (I actually had one of those cheep childrens laptops kinda like the ones you see from leapstar, but when I was a kid they actually had BASIC built in, and for some reason thats hard as hell to find nowadays, all you see is 123ABC kinds now.) There was something appealing about being in a shell for the first time. I had control over the system. My computer was only running things I wanted it to run, not bloated with a bunch of programs I never use, all running on startup. (damn you explorer.exe) when I looked at the process list, I only saw things running that I knew should be running, why? Because I told it to. my computer lisended to me, and didn't crash when I told it to do something it didn't wan't to do (damn windows, you look kinda lazy now) And it did it all fast, on even my shittiest computer (compared to how it ran windows of course) I loved the ideology of linux. Which it always said it got from UNIX. What is this UNIX i'd ask myself while strokeing my newly grown 14 year old scruff (allot less sexier then I remember thinking it was). So I did some research into UNIX, which led me to BSD. BSD was more bare then linux. I have yet to this day run any window's manager under BSD, though heaven knows its more then possible. I don't recall to much about my first experiances with BSD; but I do remember my grandmother gave me an old laptop. Pentium MMX, 133MHz, 32MB of ram. A beast of a machine. Sadly my roomate dropped it and the screen cracked and I have yet to replace it. I was in a frenzy trying to find a semi-modern OS to throw on it - though if the thing worked now