Wed Jan 20 13:26:01 EDT 2010 New Design:
For the three of you that have visited my site before, you may notice my site has actually been slightly updated over the past couple days. Knowing myself as I do, I can guarantee this will not continue. But its nice to have some recent info on my site. As well as a design thats navigable.
I keep my site to a minimal design. Because this site is hosted on a Unix shell system ( And also because I believe in sites that are simple and fast and can be accessed from lynx (or smiler text only browsers). I contemplated throwing a CSS design over this page, at least as an option, but I like the simpleness honestly. I'll have many other sites with many other styles, but this one will still like this. I may, though, add a table to keep everything somewhat tidy, I have to see what the page looks like on bigger screens before I make a decision regarding that.