Thu Jul 8 15:57:48 UTC 2010
Custom FreeBSD Kernel for EeePC 1000HE

Here is a custom kernel configuration file for the EeePC 1000HE [and most likelyother EeePCs as well; in fact, any that use the Atheros chipset should work with this].
In order to use this file you must download the EEEKERN file and place it into /usr/src/sys/i386/conf/ (note you MUST have the kernel source files, if you don't you can use sysinstall to get them by doing sysinstall>Configure>Distrobutions>src and it will download them through FTP or from your CD or whatever you choose).
To compile the new kernel go to /usr/src and 'make buildkernel KERNCONF=EEEKERN' or whatever you named the kernel if you renamed it (keep the name all uppercase if you do rename it). Then install the new kernel by 'make installkernel KERNCONF=EEEKERN'. Pretty straight forward and simple. Before you reboot replace or augment your rc.conf file with the options I have in mine here. Please note if you still have options of your own in the rc.conf file, make sure loading APM and any ATH related stuff if left off, they are going to be built into the kernel now.
And there you have it, your own faster customized kernel for your Eee Pc. This shaves something like 30 seconds off of your boot time and make the system more responsive. Also you will be using significantly less memory. Build time is roughtly 1.5 hours on the Eee PC, you can compile it on another computer and move it over, but I don't really suggest that.
If you run into any trouble email me at . Also refer to the FreeBSD handbook, chapter 8 for more information. Do know this is designed for FreeBSD release 8.