Tue Nov 13 18:14:53 UTC 2012
This site retired. Full medical provided.

This old script of mine is nice and fun, but it has offically been retired.
I will play around with it still when the mood strikes, but with Poster (http://kiyoku.org) taking over my main site; I feel it is in capable hands.
My life, as always, is chanced by shifting winds. My mood, ambitions, goals, obsessions, perceptions, and so on change so often I can hardly keep up myself. I hate making wild plans for my site, because whenever I do it never happens and I just feel embarrised. But my intentions for my new site is to actually use it. We'll see what happens. Programming on the RaspberryPi is beautiful. ARM assembly language just feels right. Will that feeling last? I doubt it. But for now my intentions are to keep working on that. My original dreams of designing an OS have been brought to the forefront of my mind, but my thoughts are such as that of time in "A dream within a dream." Constantly slipping through my fingers no matter how much I grasp.